With over 50 varieties of ice cream and sorbet to choose from, including our new vegan flavours, dairy and gluten-free options, as well as lollies, pre-cut desserts and cakes, we have a complete selection of high-quality products to suit the needs of every wholesaler.

We work in partnership with wholesalers of all sizes, from national chains to regional specialists, to allow us to logistically manage national distribution, and supply ice cream to customers throughout the industry.

Our chosen wholesalers meet strict storage regulations and deliver using the latest, highly insulated transport designed especially for delivering frozen produce. This helps to ensure that our ice cream remains frozen at all times, and arrives to customers, virtually ready to serve.

If you have recently had a customer interested in New Forest Ice Cream and would like to be considered as one of our exclusive wholesalers, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We always consider new ways in which to get our ice cream into the hands of new customers.

“New Forest Ice Cream’s support is 1st class, they are very innovative and a great supplier to work with.”


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