The Christmas party season is well underway and the celebrations would not be complete without our festive ice cream flavours – whether served as an accompaniment, a lighter dessert, an amuse-bouche or even palate cleanser between courses.

Here at New Forest Ice Cream, there is nothing we love more than introducing creative Christmas flavours to give desserts that real festive feel. There is a huge amount of pressure at Christmas time and some of this can be relieved by simply sourcing festive flavours that really give that touch of something special. With so much preparation to think about and menus to plan, having some seasonal flavours to hand can make all the difference. A scoop of ice cream is such a simple way to transform a dessert into a real Christmas treat.

From rich flavours like Chocolate Orange Ice Cream, through to dairy free options such as Chocolate Sorbet, as well as warming favourites including Cinnamon or Mince Pie Ice Cream. For those looking to add dazzle and sophistication to a menu, celebratory Champagne sorbet and Whisky & Orange ice cream are sure to do just that.

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