Following the recent news that only 50% of vanilla ice creams found in supermarkets list fresh milk, vanilla and cream on their labels, we just had to give a special mention to where it all began, the first ever New Forest Ice Cream and our humble, yet much-loved, Vanilla. As the very first ice cream created by founders Lawrie & Sue Jenman back in 1983, our Vanilla ice cream holds a very special place in our hearts.

Traditionally, a great dairy vanilla ice cream (such as New Forest’s) is made from just a few simple ingredients: fresh whole milk, double cream, sugar and vanilla. These ingredients are frozen and aerated to make ice cream. However, it has recently been highlighted by Sky News that many shop-bought ice creams are missing some crucial ingredients, including the actual vanilla and cream (mind boggling, we know!). Of those examined, five contained no cream, no fresh milk and no vanilla, whilst seven were missing at least one of the key ingredients. It’s safe to say that we are proud to be in the 50% who are passionate about quality and committed to using real ingredients.

Our family recipe has been perfected over many years. In fact our dairy vanilla is so good, it was awarded a prestigious gold star in the Great Taste Awards too! It features an indulgently thick dairy base combined with the deliciously smooth taste of real vanilla extract to create its simple and pure flavour that we all adore. We pride ourselves on using only the finest milk and double cream from local farms. Since the launch of our first Vanilla ice cream, we have continued to expand our collection to ensure we can offer a Vanilla ice cream for everyone. Our Vanilla Pod ice cream is made with the same great milk and double cream that we swear by but with the addition of real Madagascan Vanilla Pod Seeds interspersed throughout to achieve a rich vanilla flavour.

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