The New Forest Ice Cream Supreme range is more than just vanilla ice cream in a chocolate shell. They are an iconic indulgence, with a hint of sophistication. So, what makes our Supremes just so good… let’s explore!

The decadent and creamy ice cream is encased in crisp Belgian chocolate which cracks at first bite. With a range of different flavours there is a supreme moment for everyone. The diverse range of flavours includes Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mint Crunch, Almond, and the most recent addition: Salted Caramel.  The flavours are carefully created to deliver the perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication. The velvety inside of each bar is made from top quality dairy ice cream which creates a smooth texture that will melt in your mouth.

The Supreme range was created to complement the New Forest Ice Cream impulse range to give retailers the opportunity to make the most of the grab-and-go market. The Supreme products offer customers a premium ice cream-based dessert in a range of different flavours to suit all tastes.

The premium, individually wrapped, stick based ice cream dessert comes complete with vibrant packaging to ensure good visibility in a retail environment and will make a great addition to an existing ice cream offering this season. Furthermore, ranging between 100ml and 120ml the Supreme range is larger than most.

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