National Ice Cream Month

In the second edition of our National Ice Cream month series, we’re talking about how to serve your ice cream and more importantly, how to create the ‘wow factor’ when you do it! Whether it’s a doughnut ice cream cone, an ice cream taco or an extravagant freakshake, the way you serve your ice cream can create a real buzz around your business and set you apart from the rest!



Top it like it’s hot

The pièce de résistance of any dessert is the toppings. As a completely customisable element of the dish, they can be varied to suit different seasons and occasions e.g. meringue pieces in summer or toasted marshmallows in autumn. Toppings are also a great way to get inventive with your presentation and create the ultimate ‘instagrammable’ desserts that customers yearn for!

Let your customers do the serving

Providing your customers with a DIY element that they can get involved with themselves is a simple yet effective way to create theatre, whilst adding those all-important finishing touches. For example, encasing a scoop of ice cream within a chocolate dome that melts when the customer pours over warm chocolate or caramel sauce takes a simple dish to the next level.

peach melba

Cater to the masses

The best thing about ice cream is that it appeals to all ages, however there’s nothing wrong with creating different serving ideas and recipes to target specific age groups. For the kids, why not blend our Banoffee ice cream into a delicious thick shake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit? Or create a prosecco float for the adults using our Peach Melba clotted cream ice cream? That way, the entire family can be catered for and left satisfied!


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