Now, when you read the title ‘how to enjoy New Forest Ice Cream’, the first thing that probably comes to mind is ‘well that’s easy, in a crunchy waffle cone with some sprinkles’!  Well, here at New Forest Ice Cream, we know that the classic scoop is an unmissable way to serve our delicious ice cream when taking a stroll along south coast beaches. However, whether you’re a home foodie or a professional chef, we thought you may be partial to a few other suggestions as to how to make the most of New Forest Ice Cream!


Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Cake and Ice Cream are arguably two of the best food categories, so why wouldn’t you combine them into one amazing creation. For this you will need to get yourself an angel layer cake (we like to buy these, but you can make one if you have time), our delicious Vanilla Pod Dairy Ice Cream, and some juicy strawberries!

You will need to have the ice cream a little soft, but not fully melted, this is very important.

First, get a loaf tin and line with cling film and then slice the cake through the middle (horizontally) and place the bottom half in the base of the tin. Now slice your strawberries, lay across the first layer of sponge and then spread the softened ice cream along the strawberries. Place the other half of the cake on top, wrap with the overhang of cling film and put into freezer for 4-6 hours!

Remove from the freezer and slice in thick pieces for the ultimate celebration cake!


Ultimate Iced Frappe

This is the ultimate coffee lover recipe, perfect to be enjoyed at home or served as a drink to enjoy whilst walking along the beach!

You will need our Iced Latte Dairy Ice Cream, an espresso shot, milk and ice. Get your blender and add your two scoops of ice cream, the shot of espresso, milk and ice. Blend till thick and creamy and serve in a tall glass with a straw! Add some whipped cream on top or caramel drizzle around the inside of the glass for an extra treat!


Let us know your favourite way to enjoy our ice cream and your favourite recipes, we would love to know!

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