Summer is here, so we’re getting ‘figgy’ with our latest flavour. Say hello to our Honey & Fig ice cream! It features a honey dairy base that is interlaced with real pieces of fig for a sweet, yet sophisticated take on this timeless pairing. Deliciously indulgent and made using only the finest ingredients, our Honey & Fig ice cream is packed full of flavour with a lovely texture provided from the chewy fig.

Smooth-skinned and often described as jammy, figs have a unique taste and texture, with a slight chewiness which complements the texture of our ice cream to a tee. The delicate aroma of honey and flavour of the figs creates a truly special ice cream that can be served alone in a cone in all its glory, or as the perfect accompaniment for a zesty lemon tart to provide a lovely contrast in flavours. When it comes to developing new flavours for our foodservice range, we love experimenting with new and exciting combinations that we know will really add a new dimension to a dish, and our Honey & Fig ice cream does just that.

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