To minimize our ecological footprint while delighting our customers with the finest ice cream creations. Through innovative, eco-conscious practices, to date we have achieved the following milestones: –


  • We use 100% led lighting to ensure that our energy consumption is low & energy efficient.
  • We have invested in a combination of a 50kW bank of PV solar panels on our roof & 13kW of solar thermal panels on our building which help to minimise our use of mains electricity and gas.
  • Since installation, our solar panels have saved 71,000kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 4268 trees being planted.
  • We recover heat from our refrigeration system to heat water for the factory.
  • We recycle all of our cardboard and shrink wrap.
  • All of our ice creams & sorbets are made with natural flavours.
  • Our vehicles are fitted with euro 6 engines, using ad-blue to reduce pollution. We have 10 in our fleet.
  • We have invested in a fully electric car to reduce our sales manager’s carbon footprint.
  • We comply with the ultra low emission zone requirements that local councils are starting to introduce.
  • Sustainable wooden spoons have been introduced in our 120ml spoon in lid tub range to eliminate single use plastics.
  • Our 500ml retail tubs have changed to paper board with ldpe lining (low density polyethylene).
  • We regularly support the New Forest Trust to aid with their projects. They work with businesses across the New Forest to raise funds for conservation and education projects as well as providing grants to other local organisations that meet their aims.
  • The 10ltr buckets that our ingredients and fresh fruit prep come in are washed and recycled, then are given to customers and the general public for a donation of £1 each with all the money going to a local charity, last year this raised in the region of £2000.


We use recyclable plastic catering tubs to work with -22°c temperatures for manufacturing and longevity of our products while in the freezer.
We are always on the look out for greener options, let us know if you find a tub that can work for us.

REUSE – Our ice cream tubs are great for food storage.

Our vehicles run on Euro 6 engines

We have invested in a 50kW Bank of Solar Panels

Working with New Forest Trust

Heat recovery from our refrigeration system is used in our factory


120ml Recycling
500ml Recycling

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