• We use 100% LED lights ensuring our energy consumption is low & efficient 
  • We have invested in a 50kW bank of solar panels on our roof which helps to run our machinery.
  • We recycle all our cardboard and shrink wrap
  • All of our ice cream & sorbet are natural * with our mint being nature identical*
  • Our vehicles run on Euro 6 engines, using Ad-blue to reduce pollution, we have 8 in our fleet with  2 more on the way in 2022 our reps will be transitioning to electric carbon neutral vehicles
  • WE Comply with the ultra low emission zone requirements that local councils are starting To introduce
  • We recover heat from our refrigeration system to use in our factory
  • Wooden spoons are being introduced with our 120ml spoon in lid tubs to eliminate single use plastics
  • Our 500ml retail pack is changing to paper board with low-density polyethylene lining

Our vehicles run on Euro 6 engines

We have invested in 50kW Bank of Solar Panels

Working with New Forest Trust

Heat recovery from our refrigeration system is used in our factory

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