As Easter comes around once again, we look forward to chocolate mayhem, brighter days and family lunches.

This year at New Forest Ice Cream, we thought that it was about time that ice cream was given equal billing to the chocolate, especially when it came to dessert, which is why we have created a fun activity involving the whole family. Our plan..?  Well, that’s simple really, to create an easter egg sundae! All you have to do is follow the simple recipe below:



1 x chocolate easter egg of your choice

6 x scoops of New Forest Ice Cream (we suggest vanilla, chocolate or Chocolate caramel fudge)

Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles (any other toppings that you would like)


Adult supervision will be needed whilst making this recipe.

  1. First off heat up a sharp knife by placing it in warm water.
  2. Next up get your easter egg and find the line where the two halves of the egg meet.
  3. Slowly run your hot knife across this line until you are left with two halves.
  4. This is where the fun begins! Get your New Forest Ice Cream and scoop three balls of ice cream into each half of the easter egg.
  5. Finish with your toppings of choice and voila, this is the ultimate dessert to enjoy this easter bank holiday!


Oh, and why not make this into a little family competition if hosting at home? Make sure to tag us in your creation on Instagram, we love seeing what you have been up to!

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