As we enter the warmer weather, New Forest Ice Cream is excited to announce the launch of their newest ‘Squeeze Up!’…Cola flavour! Perfect to enjoy as temperatures increase, this cool, refreshing flavour is a must for customers that want to immediately indulge as they step out of the shop into the sunshine.

Ideal for retailers looking to introduce or expand their grab and go ice cream range, the New Forest Ice Cream individually wrapped impulse selection has been developed to cater for the whole family. From classic Supreme sticks and luxury Supreme Dairy Cones for adults, to a fruity Squeeze Up, or Double Bubble for the younger fans, New Forest has a full range.

Placing a glass-topped chest freezer by the main entrance or near check-out counters is a simple yet effective way to draw customers’ attention, and turn a heatwave into a profitable revenue stream.

New Forest Ice Cream’s Impulse range ticks all the popular flavour boxes. In the form of Supreme sticks, retailers can offer classic milk, white, mint choc, salted caramel, and crunchy almond. For vibrant and refreshing flavoured ice Squeeze Ups, lemon & lime, orange, blackcurrant, and cola are available. Customers’ craving sweet waffle cones will also come away satisfied, thanks to New Forest’s trifecta Supreme Cone flavours; mint, strawberry, and vanilla choc. The Impulse range also consists of individual stars, such as Double Bubble lollies, creamy Vanilla Frost, and lemon, strawberry, and vanilla swirled Twisted Trios, among other favourites.

In keeping with New Forest Ice Cream’s commitment to quality, the Impulse range has been carefully selected from the finest ingredients and natural flavours.

Christina Veal, Director, New Forest Ice Cream is excited about the opportunity the Impulse range presents;

“Our Impulse selection has been designed for maximum convenience. For retailers, New Forest Ice Cream is a one-stop-shop for all their ice cream needs. The Impulse range perfectly complements our existing scoop, sorbet, and whippy ranges, so businesses can get everything they need in one place. For customers, the Impulse range enables them to act on, well, their impulses! The individually wrapped format means customers are able to grab just one treat that can then be enjoyed immediately. And with an abundance of flavours to choose from, the range is sure to satisfy whatever taste impulse may grip customers.”

New Forest Ice Cream has also incorporated convenience into display capabilities for retailers. Along with eye-catching packing for the Impulse products, New Forest Ice Cream offers a range of branded freezers in all shapes and sizes, so whether retailers are ice cream veterans, or completely new to frozen grab and go, New Forest Ice Cream is able to offer support.

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