The Great Taste Awards are widely acknowledged to be the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality producers in the country. Each year, 500 judges, blind taste test 10,000 food and beverage products from manufacturers nationwide, before awarding the very best with one, two or three gold stars. Just 25% of entries receive a star and out of that just 10% receive two stars, demonstrating the credibility and integrity of the awarding process.

With this in mind, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that once again, two of our new flavours have achieve a prestigious honour in the Great Taste Awards 2016, with our Lotus Caramelised Biscoff Ice Cream gaining one gold star and our High Fruit Blackcurrant Sorbet was given a fantastic two stars in 2016. This takes our total to an incredible 12 Gold Stars since we began submitting our ice creams and sorbets into the awards in 2012.

Comments from this year’s judges included:

High Fruit Blackcurrant Sorbet: (2-Stars)

“The colour of this sorbet is a stunning deep crimson. You can smell the fruit on the nose. The balance of the tart fruit and sugar is excellent.”

“A stunning colour, full of blackcurrants and the flavour of all the bush – some green notes, the skin of the fruits, the dark bold fruit.

“Rich, vibrant colour with very evident high fruit content. We like the fresh, intense flavour.”

Lotus Caramelised Biscoff Ice Cream: (1-Star)

“Creamy, well churned. Not too sweet, very moreish, just the ticket.”

“The star is awarded for flavour alone!”

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