About Niki Jenman

Niki’s been part of the company from the very beginning with Mum & Dad being the founders of New Forest Ice Cream, Niki now helps run the day to day with her sister Christina at her side.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Oriental Ginger.

You won’t find me eating:  Whisky & Orange Ice Cream

In my spare time you’ll fine me:  Playing squash with my sister, cycling with my son or  hiking with the scouts.

Niki Jenman

Director of Sales & Purchasing

About Christina Veal

Christina’s the pro scooper here at New Forest Ice Cream, working with ice cream from the age of 5 and giving her parents Sue & Lawrie the idea of making tasty ice cream from day one. 

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Honey & Fig and Rhubarb & Ginger. 

You won’t find me eating:  Bubblegum.  

In my spare time I like to: Play netball & any opportunity to go skiing and enjoy a glass of wine. 

Christina Veal

Director of Sales & HR

About David Bishop

David has been working with New Forest Ice Cream for almost 20 years, in the factory working with production where all the magic happens, creating exciting new flavours and continuously helping to keep winning awards.

My favourite ice cream flavour is:  Salted Caramel.

You won’t find me eating:  Anything not made by us.

In my spare time you’ll find me: In lycra, riding my bike.

David Bishop

Director of Production

About Romain Gaubicher

Romain is the newest member to join our team in the office, you’ll find him busy managing our production team, making sure our ice cream and everything that goes with it is tasting as good as ever.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Honey & Fig and Salted Caramel.

You won’t find me eating:  Bubblegum.

In my spare time you’ll find me: Spending time with my family and playing with my son. 

Romain Gaubicher

Production Manager

About Dave Hannah

Dave is our technical wiz. Maintenance and continuous improvement of the factory is his forte. Efficiency in both energy and production are always high on his list, along with making sure we stay as green as we can be.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Vanilla Pod

You won’t find me eating:  Raspberry Sorbet

In my spare time you will find me: Doing DIY around the house OR playing cards around friends

Dave Hannah

Site Engineer

About Giedrius Mazuronis

Giedrius has come from a food processing background and joins us in the world of ice cream. He will be working closely with Dave Hannah, our engineer keeping things running smoothly.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Strawberry.

You won’t find me eating:  Chocolate Ice Cream.

In my spare time you’ll find me: Playing computer games, riding motorcycle with friends or practicing Karate.

Giedrius Mazuronis

Maintenance Engineer

About Keith Watson

Keith’s another friendly voice that you’ll hear when you give us a call, whether it’s taking your orders or making sure procedures and all things health & safety are in place, keeping HQ running like clock work.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Lotus Caramelised Biscoff. 

You won’t find me eating:  Vegan Vanilla Pod.

In my spare time you’ll find me: Thinking about curry and red wine while cycling around Hampshire. 

Keith Watson

General Manager

About Nathan Sheffield

Nathan has rejoined us having worked previously in our sales team, now assisting our GM, he is here to help with  the running of day to day operations and getting stuck in behind the scenes.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Blackberry Clotted Cream

You won’t find me eating: Any other ice cream brand

In my spare time you’ll find me: In my camper van or at a fishing lake

Nathan Sheffield

Assistant General Manager

About Leigh Flanagan

Leigh has been part of our production team for 16 years and involved in all aspects of our production process, working with various departments to ensure our ice cream is the highest quality for our customers.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Lotus Caramelised Biscoff

You won’t find me eating: 
Anything coffee

In my spare time you’ll find me: Playing golf on local courses, watching football and playing online games with friends.

Leigh Flanagan

Production Assistant Manager

About Production

Our team in production love everything ice cream related. They work the entire process from the milk coming in and being pasteurised on site to working with all our recipes of over 50 flavours of ice cream and sorbet.

And…we even have some official tasters!


Making tasty Ice Cream

About Sandra Cummings

Sandra started working with us when she was 16 and has been part of our team ever since, personally trained by our founder Sue Jenman and has a key role being our official flavour techy, in charge of quality control which unluckily means she is the first one to taste a batch of ice cream (but we think it’s best job ever!).

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Mint Choc Chip

You won’t find me eating: Oriental Ginger

In my spare time you’ll find me: Hanging out with my friends and family or at the gym.

Sandra Cummings

Production Supervisor

About Paul Veitch

Paul’s our northern sales manager based in Blackpool, yes we really do have our ice cream that far north! Experienced in working closely with businesses in both leisure and catering, you’ll be able to see him at the Northern Bar & Restaurant Exhibition in March to talk all things ice cream related.

My favourite ice cream flavour is:  Candy Floss ice cream

You won’t find me eating:   Vegan Vanilla Pod 

In my spare time you’ll find me: Down the gym 

Paul Veitch

Regional Sales Manager (North)

About Kirk O'Field

Kirk joined our New Forest team in summer 2022, bringing with him over 25 years experience working in the design, digital, and print industries. If you would like to speak with Kirk about your POS or bespoke menus, he would be glad to do so.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Rum & Raisin

You won’t find me eating:  Bubblegum Ice Cream

In my spare time you’ll find me: Being a dad, coaching American Football or creating the best sandwiches.

Kirk O'Field

Graphic Designer

About Helen Chalk

Helen’s our accounts lady, numbers might be her thing but she has other talents like making our fabulously fun themed bunting  for the office, look out for it when you visit us.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Whisky & Orange

You won’t find me eating:  Anything chocolatey 

In my spare time you’ll find me: Walking, camping in and around New Forest & South Downs Way.

Helen Chalk


About Marcia Joscelyne

Marcia’s work can be seen in many areas in and around New Forest Ice Cream, she has the fun job of photographing all ice cream and sorbet flavours we make, working on packaging and all things print and digital, she also makes sure we are social. If you need any POS, or bespoke menus she’ll be the one to speak to.

My favourite ice cream flavour is: Lotus Caramelised Biscoff 

You won’t find me eating:   Mint Choc Chip Ripple

In my spare time you’ll find me: With my puppy, Arnie enjoying walks in the forest.

Marcia Joscelyne

Graphic Designer

About Warehouse & Distribution

Our team of friendly professional drivers are here to bring orders right to you. We distribute to many areas, some of the furthest points we go to are Bognor Regis, Reading and Lyme Regis.  You’ll find them in our scenic New Forest vans or trucks, look out for our “Sunshine” or “Heather”.

Warehouse & Distribution

Bringing your goods to your door

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